At Upwey Chiropractic we pride ourselves on being a very family-friendly and welcoming practice, where everyone is important and cared for.  

Dr. Clare Coleman


  • Masters of Clinical Chiropractic

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine)

After graduating from RMIT in 2009, Clare has refined her chiropractic approach to being quite gentle, yet thorough, checking joints from head to toe. Using a combined musculoskeletal approach, assessing and addressing joints and the musculature that attaches to and creates movement around them, and the connective tissue which further goes to support and stabilise the body. 

Clare uses a mix of manual and activator adjustments, mobilisation, soft tissue treatment, pelvic blocking, cranial technique, fascial release, usually changing slightly depending on what is indicated on any given visit. Clare enjoys being able to use a mix of treatment types and styles to really individualise treatment for each person. 

The aim for Clare with her chiropractic treatment is to restore optimal function and form, so the musculoskeletal system is doing its job of supporting your lifestyle, while getting rid of any pain and discomfort. 

Clare works Monday - Saturday

"Everything is connected, no one thing can change by itself" - Paul Hawkin

Dr. Sam Cecil

SAM 2.png


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic)

  • Bachelor of Health Science

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Coaching)

Sam is passionate and dedicated to assisting people in achieving optimal function and health. With 10 years in the health and wellness industry and following her graduation from RMIT as a chiropractor in 2017, she is eager to get into practice and start her career at Upwey Chiropractic. Having also completed a Bachelors in Sports Coaching, Sam has a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Sam understands the importance of individualising care and utilising various chiropractic techniques to reach the specific goals of each client from children through to the young at heart. 

Sam works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 1 Saturday a month. 

Chiropractic Assistant


Nadine has a true passion for Chiropractic care, choosing it for her future career, as well as being a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist.  
Nadine believes strongly in good nutrition and healthy living for herself and her family. Plus Nadine is a die hard Collingwood fan and Motor sports enthusiast to top!


Chiropractic Assistant

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Mandy has been a resident of Upwey for 30 years, she can often be seen running around the Dandenong's with her beautiful family and just loves the community /people who make it so wonderful. Mandy is actively fit enjoying yoga, running, hiking and has an interest in healthy, delicious food along with a love for cooking.