Upwey Chiropractic's history...

Back in 1978 Upwey Chiropractic opened its door up at number 10 Main Street Upwey. In 1997, Dr Brian Casey brought the business and moved it to its new and current location of number 33 still on Main Street Upwey. Over all of these years the practice has gone through many changes to get it where it is today. It continues to be a community focused business, volunteering time and effort to the main street and the local community. 

How we practice today... 

Now our chiropractors provide gentle, and individually suitable chiropractic care to Upwey and our surrounding communities. Our chiropractors believe that each body can benefit from a healthy nervous system, and a free moving structure, so that it may possibly express overall health. This takes a whole body approach, from spinal and structural alignments, but just as importantly are elements like nutrition, movement and mental health.

Our goal through chiropractic care is to get the joints of your body moving freely, so that everything can work as easily and effortlessly as possible for your individual body. This allows your body to get back on its way to working as best as it possibly can. 

Chiropractic is a completely drug-free and often gentle form of healthcare, which works by correcting misalignments in the spine. We correct such problem areas by using what we call “adjustments.”

Both our practitioners use a combination of manual and activator adjustments, plus a range of soft tissue and other techniques, in order to be able to fully individualise each treatment.